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Foodcart Complete!

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Foodcart underway!

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The Great White North Wilderness Weekend 2012

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A bunch of us took the train at 5 in the morning to Prora and Sissnitz on to the Baltic sea for a day trip.  Went to go hangout by the ocean and look at this massive Nazi built holiday buildings that were unfinished and today sit mostly in ruins. Part of it has become a hostel now. Quite fun to climb around in. We brought our bikes and rode around from town to town.

When you party all night until the train leaves like these guys, you really need the morning Mac Do:

The “Colossus”:

Chilled in the National Park Jasmund and saw ferries going across the way to the nordic countries.

Mr Rich gets classy with a bib trying to eat a saucy saucy donair and still manages to get half of it on himself.

Shones workende!

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Me and a few friends from work took advantage of the Shones Workende ticket on the DB train network and went to Essen in the Ruhr valley for the weekend.  Since the pass only starts on Saturday we left Berlin in the middle of the night. 

Took a nap at the Nordsee in Hanover while waiting for Fabien… who took a slightly different route to get to Hanover…

Finally made it to Essen:

Matching toque crew:

Went to the Zollverein museum. A former coal mine converted into a museum by OMA.  Massive elevator takes you 24 meters up into the museum. 

Sanaa’s building:

Stayed in a neighborhood of Essen. Quite a nice little area. Felt sort of nordic.

Went back to see the other part of Zollverein we were too tired for the day before. Coal washing plant:

Went and saw an Alvar Aalto building before jumping on the train home. 

Bye Essen.

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Today we went to the cold-war era abandoned US listening post Toffelsberg. It’s west of Berlin up a hill in this wooded area. Not much of a secret place. It’s pretty cool. My point and shoot camera broke, so everything is from my iphone.  Really nice afternoon. 

The Olympic stadium and Corbusier’s Berlin Unite in the trees.

Definitely a highlight to climb up to the top listening dome and play around with the acoustics. If you stood directly in the centre the sounds all echoed and decayed slowly arriving back to you from all around into your ears all at once.

Rode my bike home, had a shower, put on a clean button up, made a coffee. So good.

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I’m living in Berlin and interning for the fall at http://www.sauerbruchhutton.de/

Really happy to be here. I’ve been here for for a couple weeks now. I’m living in the Prenzlauerberg/Mitte area and it’s cool.

 The apartment.

Our street. 

Das ist mein neues fahrrad. 

Gonna drink my way through this selection at our local grocer. 

Sauerbruch Hutton headquarters. And a bunch of photos: OMA dutch embassy building, parties, firestation by Sauerbruch Hutton, screen printing festival at an old swimmingpool, hanging out, etc.

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I spent the last couple months in Chicago, Il. working at Skidmore Owings & Merrill and hanging out. It was really fun. Chicago is a cool place. Saw lots of cool buildings, got to meet some really cool people, ate good food.

I didn’t take too many photos for some reason… iphone photos:

SOM designed trump tower on a cloudy architectural boat tour day. Part of the awesome intern program activities we did.

Wrigley Field- Cubs game

Obligatory bean photo

Part of my bike commute to work, heading into downtown on the bike path.

The office. 

Rooftop chilling at a street festival

Xoco. Best churros i’ve ever eaten.

Hancock building tour.

Bye Chicago

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Here are some random photos from miscellaneous rolls of film I finally got around to developing. Italy & some odds and ends:

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